tried to read through all the old threads.. but the information becomes a bit overwhelming. I have well water have no idea about mineral content. I have no idea if the coppery residue in the shower is due to copper pipes going bad.. or ... iron in the water..But I do know that the sinks and toilets dont have that same residue.. but the dishwasher does. Maybe I clean the toilets and sinks more often than the tub... but I rather thought it was from the difference in fiberglass vs steel and or porceline ( i dont think I spelled that right) I was going to put in a softener system for the house.. but I noticed in a previous post that there are filters to get too? is that nec? I know that the last tennant had a softener system bc the pipe fixtures are rt next to the water heater.. which needs replaced..
soooo the final note for all this is... I am renting.. this is not my house.. improvements are taken out of rent.. but I dont work.. I am a stay at home mom.. so we r not rich by any means.. more paycheck to paycheck.. so I need something that wont break the bank.. Rent is 1K... so keep it under that!! LOL
Thanks for the help in advance!!