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Thread: Machine Oil Pump oil insufficient or no oil pressure

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    Default Machine Oil Pump oil insufficient or no oil pressure

    Machine Oil Pump oil insufficient or no oil pressure

    Phenomenon: the working device is slow to upgrade to upgrade or not upgrade when you tremble; the fuel tank or the pipe inside the bubble; upgraded hydraulic system when the issue "jack, jack," the voice; tractor had just started working device can improve the working period of time after the temperature rise , then increase slowly or do not lift; light load can be upgraded when you do not lift heavy loads.

    Cause of the malfunction:

    (1) hydraulic tank oil level is too low;

    (2) is not on a seasonal basis using hydraulic oil;

    (3) into the pipeline was dirt jams;

    (4) Oil Pump drive gear oil seal is damaged, the air into the hydraulic system;

    (5) Oil Pump into and out of the oil port connector or bend connector "O" ring is damaged, bent joints fastening bolts or into the flowlines on the nut is not tight, the air into the hydraulic system;

    (6) Oil Pump internal leakage, seal aging;

    (7) Oil Pump face or main, driven gear sleeve face wear or abrasions, two sleeve face roughness ultra-poor;

    (8) Oil Pump assembly error caused by the internal components within the circulation;

    (9) "L" filled "D" Oil Pump, causing washed out oil seal;

    (10) hydraulic oil too dirty.


    (1) According to the season to meet the requirements to add or change brands of oil to the surface of the provisions of the oil. Remove the foreign body inside the tubing, tighten the bolt or nut joints Department;

    (2) the replacement of aging or damaged oil seal or "O"-shaped sealing rubber ring;

    (3) the replacement of worn or Oil Pump Gear Oil Pump sleeve, wear plate will be at a slight flat face grinding. Its non-flatness tolerances 0.03mm; on the sleeve below the pump on the end-plane (normal less than 2.5 ~ 2.6mm), such as the ultra-poor should be the next sleeve plus 0.1 ~ 0.2mm copper to compensate for the installation, when the should be set at the rear axle bearing load;

    (Four) tablets and unloading must be installed in the seal ring into the oil chamber, the two bushings in order to maintain a balance. Unloading film sealing ring should have a 0.5mm pre-press production;

    (5)-oriented wire should be able to stretch the same time, the upper and lower sleeve toward the direction of rotation of driven gear to reverse a slight angle, so that owners, driven gear 2 sleeve tight fitting processing plane;

    (6) bushings on the unloading tank must be installed in the low-pressure chamber side, in order to eliminate harmful gears mesh closed when the dead volume;

    (7) pressed into self-tight seal, should the surface coating layer of lubricant, but also attention to the resistive oil towards the edge of the front cover, can not hold anti-;

    (8) "D" pump can not be installed in the "L" machine, otherwise they will be washed out oil seal;

    (9) pre-loaded pump cover is required to pump a small amount of oil poured into the shell, and hand rotating meshing gears;

    (10) in the bottles and Oil Pump cover bolts are not tightened before the pump should check the gap between the cover and pump body, whether between 0.3 ~ 0.6mm, if the gap is too small, should be replaced large pieces of seals and pressure relief . Hydraulic Oil Pump installed well, it should be flexible and non-card Hysteresis rotation.

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    MUST makey IMMEDIATE Remedial remedy :Malfunction going south on holiday type hysteris - "jack-Jack" big problem! Phenomenum is critical

    1A] Must make determination that oils deterioration is Machine Oil Department pumps manager failure. Small torture indicated to find proper confession

    1] immediately Install q type seal to loput of x typr machine quodad. Be careful for adding oil to meshed gear bushing film [t-y type from book 69] manage personnel failure second

    2] Take malfunction to bolts, nut and oriented wire - department [bo-bob, hall 33] , Grease and lubricate manager of malfunction department and tie to large post or strong structural member in machine shop

    3] Install large lubricated tubing with machine type oil insertion fitting to managers zerk fitting. Use low side pressure chamber to inflate. If manager no co-operate insert 4 large tablets into gears box per instructions to bottle

    4] Do not try and force "L" type lubricant to manager if zerk fitting is resistive.

    5] If pressing into self-tight seal pay special attention to placing lubricant on resistive edges

    6] If manager tremble and repeat "jack-jack" more than ten times, into the pipeline was dirt jams

    7] Blow out dirt jams with compressed air, secondly acetylene if no air at hall 33. Be sure to hold hand on steady state

    8] Possible to orient manager onto large TOTO at slight angle, to match driven gear 2-sleeve plane prior to compressed air blow down

    9] Always advising of wear to eyes large goggle and hearing protection if manager resist

    10] If manager showing "flat face" type expression, and no no maintain machine oil again, notify red-guards that he sang Tibetian national separitist anthem

    11] Moral: not lift heavy load when light load can be upgraded.
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