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Thread: Gas Dryer Won't Get Hot

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    Default Gas Dryer Won't Get Hot

    My parents' gas dryer stopped working. It spins, but won't get hot or even warm. There doesn't seem to be a lint build-up. Can someone tell me what are the things that could cause this.

    Is there a solenoid or limit switch that is bad? If so, where would it be located?

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    The igniter may be bad or the sensor that tells the gas valve it is hot so it is okay to turn on the gas. Depending on the brand, most I've seen use a glowing element rather than a spark. In a dark room, you can often see the glow of this when it gets hot (think stove or toaster electric elements that glow hot when activated). SOmetimes, if you're lucky, they have a schematic inside of the back cover. If you are really lucky, they still have the manual, which would have a parts list, theory of operation, and a diagram.

    If it attempts to light, but the gas line is clogged (unusual event), no fuel, no burn. I think it is more likely it is not seeing the igniter, and therefore not opening the gas valve.
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    Last time I had to have my gas dryer fixed it was two coils that he replaced, I believe they were solenoids. One previous dryer I had to have repaired had a defective fire eye. I don't know if they are used in the more recent ones.

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