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Thread: Shower mixer pressure/flow

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    Default Shower mixer pressure/flow

    I am replacing my downstairs shower
    The old shower mixer had 3/4" input feeds fed from 22mm pipes to hot
    and cold tanks, and a standard (1/2"?) feed to the shower head.
    It is a tall house, so I had good pressure and flow from this.

    The new mixer I have bought has only 1/2" inputs, with the same
    standard output

    The question is: Am I going to lose pressure/flow form the smaller
    input pipes? The 22mm feeds come up to the mixer, but then are dropped
    to 15mm on entry. I presume the mixer itself will reduce pressure/flow
    aswell, so will this be a problem.

    Should I forget the mixer I have bought, and find one with 3/4" inputs?
    If so, can someone suggest one somewhat like this
    , but with the larger inputs (and not absurdly expensive)?


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    I don't think that you will see a difference..........


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