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Thread: Installing a 4 gang new work box--install another stud to support it?

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    Default Installing a 4 gang new work box--install another stud to support it?

    Hello all,

    I need to install a 4 gang blue electrical box (see picture) at the bottom of my basement stairs and the box has two holes on a plastic plate on one end (the attached picture has like 5 but mine only has 2) and the two nails on the other end. I feel like if I just nail the nails into the stud the box might be kind of "wobbly" (whereas a single box would be on there strong as hell). So my question is, with "longer" boxes like this, how do you add extra support? Would you nail the little lip through the two holes to the existing stud and then add another stud (well the stud would go in first obviously!) and nail the two angle nails to that added stud? Or something else? Or are the nails strong enough to hold it?

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    You have the right idea.
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    Also worth noting that all NM cable must be secured within 12" of the box.

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    There has been a design change and those boxes now come with a support that is screwed to the back and attaches to the stud that it's nailed to.

    It's a great improvement because backing can be a pain to install.

    Without backing, after the drywall is installed, the tab on the right side of the box will keep the box from pulling out. Install the outside switch first and don't push too hard on the others.


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