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Thread: Porcelain on steel lavs by American Standard

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    Have had our TOTO Ultramax installed for a week now and I am impressed to say the least. It has taken our best and sent it to places unknown without so much as a victory lap. Flush. Gone. My early impression is that I would not purchase anything else but a TOTO product henceforth. Period. I gave American Standard some careful consideration, especially their Champion 4 line, but then noticed that our sinks in all the washrooms are American Standard and the porcelain is popping off where they have rivetted them. I have sent a request to AS for them to replace the sinks, although they may be out of 'written warranty' under common law which suggests that a product purchased shall be fit for its intended use. Not only were these products grossly defective, the fellow in the plumbing supply tells me that American Standard knew of the fault while they were being sold! Comments? Pix attached.

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    The lav must be over thirty years old.
    In fact, that faucet looks closer to 40 years old.
    Just pop in some new replacement porcelain lavs.

    All brands of metal lavs rust like that after twenty years.
    It's called, Wear and Tear.


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