Hello Helpful People,

I have recently had a low level bathroom remodel done (plumbing all stayed in the same place, really more of a redecorating). I am still suprised (I posted before) about how much I need to know about actually how to do the work in order to supervise professionals.

My ugly shower was replicated with a new fiberglass Jacuzzi brand shower pan, ceramic tile walls on two sides and a shower door and enclosure on two sides.

Shortly after beginning to use the shower, the lower row of tile started popping out--the grout (essentially a "no grout" app-the tiles were butted together) started chipping off the top, the tile started to flex. I can tell now that there is definitely water behind the tile.

It would be hard for me to believe that there is a breach in the integrity of the tile after watching the shower put in--it seemed very professional and careful.

I am now thinking I have a leveling problem on the shower base which was set into a large amount of mortar. It seems that the two sides of the pan slope in opposite ways, creating an area for the water to improperly pool in the weep channel in the back instead of flowing out the weep holes. I would guess that if the water pools then it could wick up into the backer board and pop the tiles out.

What I'm looking for is advice on my assessment of the problem.

Also, this was all done professionally by liscenced, bonded people. No corners were cut on my end in paying for pro services. What can I expect these pro's to do to make it right? If the shower pan is the problem (plumber), should they pay to fix the tile and reinstall the shower enclosure?

Thank you in advance for any assistance. Jgv