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Thread: Where do I buy a Toto? Is it "the best"?

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    Default Where do I buy a Toto? Is it "the best"?

    Is the Toto CST744S Drake the best toilet for no clogs?
    I live in MD. Where can I purchase this toilet? If I have to get it online, who is the best to purchase from? I need 3 of them as soon as possible so pickup places here in MD would be best.
    I just want no more plugged toilets
    Thank you for the help and please correct me if I am wrong that this is the best one to get.
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    I install Toto Drake models the most and my customers gloat about them. The owner of this site can help you out with your purchase.
    Read what the end of this sentence means.

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    The Toto Drake was my number one seller last year, and a very close second was the Sanagloss version of the Ultramax.

    www.tototusa.com for their dealer locator.

    I think most of the time, you're better off getting them locally.
    If there is breakage from shipping it can be a problem.
    When I can hand deliver, it's never a problem.

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    Thanks so much!!!!!

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    Don't know what part of MD you are in, but if it is on the eastern shore, there is Shore Distributors in Salisbury.


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