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Thread: How to clean & maintain elec WH tank

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    Default How to clean & maintain elec WH tank

    See adjacent post for title of elec 50 g HW that had hot flow reduced in 5-10 seconds. I should have titled it about how to clean tank but I could not get it changed in the list visible to viewers. Sorry for the inconvenience, I am new at typing these things.

    Local suppy house had alum, tin zinc alloy anodes and the factory offered aluminim only. Factory says the 3 metal alloy is for stinky water, probably sulfur which most people do not have.

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    Cleaning the tank is not the problem. Repairing the electrical component(s) is. The anode rod is also not the cause of lack of hot water. My procedure for all my tanks has been;
    1. Install the water heater.
    2. Turn on the water
    3. Turn on the electicity, or
    4. Turn on the gas, light the pilot, and then turn on the burner
    5. Use the hot water for many, many years
    6. Replace elements in an electric heater if they burn out.
    7. Replace the water heater when it eventually leaks.


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