I've been a fan of Toto toilets for years and have gotten a lot of great information on them out of this forum and Terry's web site (thanks Terry!). We had an Ultramax (1.6 GPF) at our old house that I always thought performed really well, though I honestly can't remember how often it got clogged.

In our new house we had four 20-year old American Standard toilets. I think they're 3.5 GPF but they are round front and we typically got 2 or 3 clogs per week with them.

I've replaced two of the toilets with Toto Gwyneth elongated models, which are ADA height and 1.28 GPF. The WaterSense rebate on them is a good deal, though they are still pricey. I figured the Gwyneth was worth it for the one-piece design (ease of install and cleaning), and from the raves on this forum it sounded like I could say goodbye to the plunger. I must say, the install really was a snap.

However, less than a week after installing them, we got our first clog. I was pretty surprised at this after hearing about so many people who have retired their plunger on this forum after putting in one of the Totos.

Is it possible I did something in the install that is making the toilets more likely to clog? Our flange was recessed so I had to use Terry's standard method of two wax rings (the one on top having the rubber flange) to install them.

More importantly, would I help eliminate the clogging if I do the modification to bring it up to a full 1.6 GPF? Has anyone done that and noticed the difference in performance?

Thanks for your help!