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Thread: Broan DH100W Dehumidistat contol

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    Default Broan DH100W Dehumidistat contol

    I have a quick question about this control for a bathroom exahust fan. Am I able to simply use this as both an on/off switch and a dehumidistat controller or do I need to have a separate on/off switch as well? I want this to be the only switch instead of having multiples.

    Dehumidistat Switch

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    It appears to have a manual override for both on and off. I didn't see a power rating on the switching contacts, so am guessing it is rated at 15A, so that would be fine for a fan (way more than needed). With the projection, it will only work on a single gang electrical box...i.e., you can't install it in a larger box with other switches (say for the lights) - it is its own cover plate. As long as you can install it in a single gang electrical box, it should do what you want.
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