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Thread: How to increase water pressure?

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    Default How to increase water pressure?

    Hi. I just bought an old house that is on a well. Coming from the city, I don't have any experience with wells.
    I would like to increase the water pressure in the house. The pressure appears especially low in the shower.

    In the basement I have a pressure tank that is labeled Johnsons Controls F938B-1 it says max pressure 100 psi. The Gage says the current pressure is about 55 psi.

    I am wondering if it is a matter of simple turning a dial and presto, you get more pressure in your house?

    If so, I am not certain to to do it. There is a dial, but the measurement is in degrees, not psi. and the degrees number that is set on the dial is not the same psi number on the Gage.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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    See this link for what a pressure switch looks like and how to adjust it.



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