While soldering a new T into an existing copper pipe, I inadvertently heated a nearby joint to the point the solder was bubbling. now the joint weeps a little water. How little? When I rub my finger in gypsum dust and then rub the joint, it comes back damp. It doesn't drip, nor even run down the pipe, although some copper oxide is beginning to accumulate. I've kept the wall open for a couple months, hoping that calcification and oxidation would stop the weep, no luck. There are a number of other Ts nearby, and I'm afraid that attempting to reheat the joint will only make things worse. Should I: 1-Attempt to resolder? 2-Clean the joint and wrap it in epoxy? 3-Close the wall and hope it never becomes an issue? 4-Attempt some other fix which you will advise me of presently?