I just tore out my 10-year-old Americast tub in our tiny bathroom. For all those who wonder if they are good tubs, I say NO! Water pooled to the right of the drain for several years, and when I pulled it up, I found out why: Several long stress fractures in the resin backing. I suppose if this tub had been installed in mortar it wouldn't have happened, but as I understand it American Standard instructs people to NOT install them in mortar.

So, I won't be using Americast to replace the tub. Problem is, my alcove is literally 60" x 30" stud-to-stud. My tub options are:

Kohler Villager (with 8" of water depth, far too shallow)
Sterling Performa (only tub with prefabricated walls/tiling flange that can fit -- we have a Sterling shower and like the Vikrell, but this Performa unit is quite generic looking, to the point of looking cheap).
Kohler Hourglass drop-in with optional apron (expensive, no integral tiling flange, and acrylic, which I understand is not terribly durable).

Anyone have any opinions or other suggestions? I came up with the idea of putting a 4"x4" from floor to ceiling on each end of the alcove to extend the width out and thereby allowing us to put in a 32" tub, but my wife and I have concerns that it would look clunky. I think the benefits of a wider, nicer tub outweigh the possible detriments, but I'm still on the fence about it.