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Thread: Leak around tank bolt on new toilet

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    Default Leak around tank bolt on new toilet

    I just installed a new Toto Drake two-piece elongated toilet using the directions provided in a posting on this forum (excellent instructions, by the way). Anyway, there is a consistent seep around the bolt that holds the tank to the bowl on the left side. It drips a few drops per day. I have taken the tank off and lightly sanded the area inside the tank where the gasket for this bolt contacts the tank and reassembled. I tightened both bolts enough to get the three points of contact that Toto specifies, but I don't want to risk tightening so tight that I crack or break something. The seep and drips are still there. Any thoughts how I can stop the leak in this area? Otherwise, I am extremely pleased with the toilet.

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    Take the tank off.
    Tighten the bolts on the tank.
    Set tank on bowl.
    When you are tightening the tank to the bowl you must use a screw driver in the tank so that the bolt does not spin. They must not spin or move. I have tried this out on three Drake's I installed and found this was the issue for me, mainly because I used a rachet to install them without using a flat head screw driver in the tank.

    Hope this helps.


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