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Thread: Tankless Gas Water Heater Question

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    Default Tankless Gas Water Heater Question

    Just moved into a Condo which has a gas tankless hot water heater (my first tankless water heater). The Condo's Rules & Regs require residents to turn off the main water line to their Condo when the leave on an extended trip. Do I need to do anything regarding the tankless heater if the water supply is shut off? I don't see where it has an on/off switch and there is no breaker in the electrical panel that's dedicated to the tankless heater. In case it's relevant, the tankless heater is a Takagi T-K3.

    Thanks in advance for your responses.

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    no. One of the great things about the major tankless brands (and Takagi is one of them) No Flow = No fire. It can not, will not try to light at all. It just sits there waiting for flow. In fact, you want to the power on to them at all times so the PC board can monitor things and even activate freeze protectoin if needed. No power to unit = no protection.
    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks! Just what I wanted to know.


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