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Thread: Fireplace backdraft

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    Default Fireplace backdraft

    I have a very tight log home in the mountains of Upstate NY. When I light a fire it seems to draft well. Once it dies down the slightest wind outside overpowers the smoldering abbers and causes a backflow of smoke and soot into the house. Opening a window makes it even worse. What are my options?

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    Add 5 feet to the stack to give it better draft, and top it with either a venturi-type or whirlybird-type wind turbine so that even the slightest wind gives it a stronger draw instead of a backdraft. These people have a decent selection of vent turbines, etc., but they have plenty of other competition. If you're going for a whirlybird sure to pick an all-metal version (some have plastic bearings) if it's to be used on a chimney.

    If it's next to a gas or propane flue in the same chimney you need to go stainless or it'll corrode quickly, otherwise copper or galvanized both work for wood-fires only.

    I prefer lower-performance but lower maintenance venturi types myself. Too much suck and you de-pressurize the house, increasing outside air infiltration. Something that looks like these is usually enough to make a difference, along with a few feet of extra stack:



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