Hey guys,

Glad I found this forum!

I'm doing a to the studs tear-out on my bathroom and the toilet flange is...well...weird...it looks like someone drilled a hole through it and either tapped it or ran a screw up the underside...I dunno...It was attached to the subfloor (2x10 tongue in groove), not the plywood underlayment. New floor will be ply+ditra+tile, so I need to get the flange up about an inch...

So the question of the day is how do I get that off of there? The pipe is 3" ABS, so an inside-mounting flange appears to be out.

Options I've considered:
1: Use a dremmel from the inside and cut just below the current flange. This only leaves about 2 1/2" of exposed pipe. Is that enough to mount a connector to attach a new length of pipe to? (seems like the easiest route if that's enough pipe exposed...)

2: use a chisel or dremmel to cut the flange off and try to strip the existing flange from the outside of the vertical pipe. (possible, but seems problematic)

Something I'm missing here? Whatcha think?

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