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Thread: Colon Cancer update, the week at the U of W Hospital

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terry View Post
    I found this explanation on the livestrong.com site
    Colon Cancer Symptoms

    So to answer some of your questions,
    Family history, my father died of pancreatic cancer, and one of my uncles had either colon or pancreatic cancer.

    What I personally noticed, was that my bowl habits had changed.
    I was a creature of habit for 56 years.
    I would have coffee in the morning, then have a bowl movement, and I was good until the next day.
    It was that way for decades.

    Then, at some point, like mentioned in the article above, I started getting diarrhea and bowl movements were taking place several times a day.
    I was feeling bloated, and full.
    That Fall, I started noticing blood in the stools.
    At first, I thought it was red wine. No such luck. When things are working right, the red wine would be taken off as clear urine.
    It was blood.
    I did have less energy. I noticed that hiking. I was losing some of my "edge".

    When I went for a full check up in December, the attending doctor said I was fine, but that my cholesterol was a bit high and blood pressure was high.
    And I asked,

    "So after 56 years I have the same eating habits, the same bowl habits, and one year it changes, and there is nothing wrong?"

    I was scheduled to get a colonoscopy that Summer. I delayed that until September.
    It was during the colonoscopy, that the doctor doing the procedure explained that I had been having symptoms of Cancer.
    It wasn't red wine, it was blood,
    It was fullness, I had a tumor that would require surgery and some polyps that they were able to remove that day.
    If I go in for this at 50, then they snare a few polyps and ask me to come back in five years.

    I did feel that there was something very wrong last year, I let my brother talk me into buying a new car.
    It was my way of admitting to myself, that I may not have much time left.

    I never told anyone why I was buying it though.

    Now that the surgery is over, and the Cancer taken out, it looks like I will have plenty of time now. That's right, I'm 100% free of cancer.

    Now it's just a matter of getting my sea legs back.
    I picked a perfect time to go in, watching the Winter Olympics while I'm recovering.
    The funny thing is, Bode Miller and Lindsey Vonn are winning on the same skis I use, the Head Chip Super Shapes.
    Now I just need to get to feeling better.

    One thing I changed last year, was my eating habits.
    I've cut beef way down.
    Maybe once a week.
    I used to have beef pretty much every day.
    Since I have cut most of the beef out, and eat more chicken, turkey and fish, my blood pressure is in a good range.
    I also started taking a fish oil capsule purchased at Costco.

    Studies show, that if you reduce beef consumption to two times or less a week, you dramatically cut your chance of getting colon cancer.
    Terry, have a look at a very important website that tests supplements like consumer reports, [but BETTER] without compensation.

    The fish oil is great, but there are many that are garbage. Sort of like toilets. Also, SYlymarin, or milk thistle extract has many studies as a fantastic cancer prevention and even repairing drug. Also take a look at Borage and other GLA oils.



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