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Thread: Colon Cancer update, the week at the U of W Hospital

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    Default Colon Cancer update, the week at the U of W Hospital

    Some of you knew that I was going in for a rectal rescission in my lower colon.
    I found out about the cancer last September. I Spent six weeks on Chemo and Radiation.
    When I had gone back for the follow up of the colonoscopy, the two doctors had determined that that was 7.5 Centimeters between the tumor and the end outlet. (At least that's the term I'm happy with)
    If there is too little distance, they give you a colostomy bag and sew things shut.
    If you have 7.0 centimeters, you have more options.
    I had been heavily warned, I should at least prepare myself mentally for the colostomy bag for at least six months, if not permanent.
    Not the best news, but at least a 50% chance of living five more years; was better then a stick in the eye.
    I work with my older son James, the youngest Taylor, is still in High School, and my daughter Amy lives not too far away with here and has daughters in elementary school. Three grand kids total.

    I kept telling the doctor that surgery without a bag would be nice, Yuck!
    But he's going to have to do what he can. I could try to give him more to work with.
    I knew the Chemo and Radiation was going to be making things smaller, so I told him I would do my part, and the tumor would be smaller by the time he did the surgery.
    Surgery was February 4th, 2010 Seattle WA

    This is me checking in for the surgery that Thusday morning.

    And one with Cathy.
    Her job, wait in the waiting room, and let my family know what happens.
    What can I say, work is busy and Jamie had my business line taking names and numbers at work.
    There are some things we want to do with the business this year.
    I've got al lot of ideas.

    When my surgeon came in that morning, he was wearing his green gear and mask.
    I had only seen him in a suit before.
    Now that I had seen him in his "game" suit, I wasn't so worried.
    He looked like a kid that was preparing to win the big game with some long passes.
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