I just purchased a home and am looking for advice on a new iron filter and/or water softener. Our well has a submersible pump @ 100' depth, w/ 70' of water in the casing, 1.5 HP (variable speed, Gould constant pressure), 18 gpm at the hose cock below the pressure sender.

Basically I paid my plumber to have the water tested (results below). His supplier suggested a 2 cu ft birm iron filter. I also called Culligan and they suggested a 4 cu ft water softener.

Since these two systems seem like completely different ways of attacking the problem, I would like to understand the pros and cons of installing an iron filter alone?

I have no problem installing a water softener, but i would like to steer clear of the monthly service contract. Also the culligan solution is 5x the price of the plumber's solution.

Are there other filters that could address the TDS and PH as well as the iron?

The raw water test: TDS 110 ppm, Hardness 2 grains, PH 6.6, Iron 4 ppm. Not detectable: manganese, iron bacteria, copper, nitrates, sulfides, tanin.