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Thread: fixing wall that bows out past door frame

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    Default fixing wall that bows out past door frame

    After installing a pre-hung steel door, I found that the interior wall bows out past the door frame. At the highest spot, about halfway down the wall, the drywall bows out about 3/8"" past the frame. How should I install the moulding around the door frame? Should I try to shave down the wall or build up the edge of the door frame in that area with some kind of filler to bring it level with the drywall?

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    It sounds to me like poor wall framing. Perhaps a crooked 2x4? In my opinion, I think your best fix is to remove some drywall and correct the cause of the problem rather than hack a cover-up. One of the "joys" of building projects is working with warped or bowed lumber!

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    I've taken down casing around several doors to find that the installer cut away drywall to make it lie flat. If it's too bad, pull it apart and replace the offending studs and drywall.


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