Hi everyone, been reading this forum for a while and LOVE the info. Decided I needed to make my first post

I'm building a 4800 ft 3 level home with 4.5 baths. I was going to go Noritz tankless with 2 of there 841 units but I don't want to have issues down the road. So now I was thinking of going with one of these GX1-55 units as it should be able to supply more than enough water with 200 gallons in the first hour plus it still looks like a fairly simple/typical hot water tank. What do you guys think? I'm going to have a 100 gallon tub in the ensuite that will get used occasionally but the shower will get used the most.

How long can I expect this unit to last me and what are they selling for? I keep reading on this forum guys saying they've got 15+ years from there hot water tanks but lately I've been lucky to get 6 years from my hot water tanks! Whats the deal? The water up here in Vancouver is not hard at all so it can't be the water?

Any and all help you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks for your time.