1980's single story home with original gutters and downspouts. The finish is shot and I have to clean off mold and mildew every two or three months. A lot of the nail and ferrule brackets are failed or sagging as is the gutter in spots. In addition the previous owner thought that enough caulk would fix any leaking seams (it didn't).

Original thought was to tear it out and replace it all. But it's in good condition and I'm considering taking it down, sanding and repainting it and rehanging it with new brackets. While it's down I'll also clean and repaint the soffit and fascia. It obviously has to come down to pain the fascia.

I realize my time spent is probably worth more than the cost of new gutters, it'll cut into time wasted on the internet . I'm also into the idea of recycling rather than throwing more trash in our landfills.

Is this a reasonable idea or would I be better off just replacing the gutters ?