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Thread: Laundry Room Drain Set-Up - is it okay?

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    Usually, but only because a sanitary tee is more compact and cheaper.

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    I am in PA and believe under the IPC.
    If I understand you correctly (under IPC) the verticle line above and below the san-tee must be 3" ?.....I am referencing the pic in your previous post via Terry.
    Question :
    I am planning a 2nd fl washing machine that was going to be vented and drained via 2" until the basement where it will tie in to a horizontal 4inch cast iron line.
    So I need to run a 3" vent as well as a 3" line all the way to the 4inch main drain?

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    The vent could be 1.5" or 2". The drain would be 3". Here is what I did:

    - 2" riser (~30" tall)
    - 2" p-trap
    - ran 2" horizontally (about 3') and connected into a 3x3x2 santee. I used a bushing on the top to reduce to 2" for vent. I then carried the 3" down until connecting into the 4" horizontal main.

    It hasn't been inspected yet, but will be soon. I am working on getting the test balls and such to perform the pressure test.

    Here is the VA code (not sure if it will help): https://www2.iccsafe.org/states/Virg..._Frameset.html

    See section 406 about the washing machine. You can also try talking to someone in your inspection department about it. They might be under an older version of IPC and may allow the 2" drain. For me, the 3" was just as easy as the washer is in the basement, so I didn't have to run through walls or anything. With your washer being on the 2nd floor, being able to run 2" would make things easier for you. You'll just have to see what is required locally.

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