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Thread: Threaded Pipe Drain Help Needed

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    Default Threaded Pipe Drain Help Needed

    I am in the process of remodeling my bathroom and I am stuck with the first steps of installing a new shower drain for what will be a motar/membrane shower floor. I live in an apartment and need to keep using threaded pipe(or I should say, no PVC allowed) I have pretty much done all the ripout including the old threaded shower drain. I had to cut it out and hack away at it since it seemed like the drain and associated 4" threaded nipple was welded to the trap. At this point I have a 2" threaded trap connection below new 3/4" plywood subfloor that I layed down to patch up some water damaged wood. At this point I haven't even secured the sub-floor because I am at a loss at what to do next.
    I went to a local plumbing supply store and they gave me a a 2 piece shower drain to replace the one I ripped out. I get the concept of drain system, but I am missing something on the install. How do you secure the bottom flange piece to the threaded nipple which will extend vertically from the trap if the subfloor is already in place? I can visualize threading the bottom flange down to a certain point put how do you tighten up on the piece with nothing to grab with a wrench? My instincts want to take up on the bottom flange piece with a good amount of torque to set it firmly in place. Are my insticts wrong?
    Another question along the same lines. The shower drain the gave me for a replacement, doesn't seem right. Does anyone have any recommendations for a 2" drain replacement? It needs to be used in a threaded pipe application. The only thing I can see on the drain the gave me is the name Watts and "A2L-2IPS". I tried looking it up on the internet for some help, but it seemed like Watts makes industrial grade products. Will the one they gave me suffice?

    A final question, I am not sure if the trap I have left is brass or galvanized pipe. How can I tell and does it matter?

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    Pictures would be the best way for anyone on here to help you with your specific situation. No matter what you have there is something that will work. Whether it is galvanized or brass does matter, one is going to become troublesome over time and that is galvanized. Watts makes compression products that tight seals to O.D's of piping, meaning you can turn an upright for the trap and use a compression ferrule (rubber) to make the connection to the strainer. Take pictures.
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    Default drain

    I am not sure if you mean that the piece of pipe has a thread on it for the drain, or if it has a smooth end but is threaded into the trap. In the former situation, the only drain that will work is one with a female thread on the outlet. If the latter, then almost any drain with the proper sized insert gasket will seal to it.


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