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Thread: Cleanout Orientation

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    Default Cleanout Orientation

    Probably a stupid question, but here goes...

    I am in the process of finishing our basement. All of the framing is complete and I already know that I need to frame in a box around the main plumbing stack in the house (4" goes from the first floor straight down into the floor). The question comes from the current orientation of the cleanout tee. The builder installed the tee so the opening was point towards the orientation of the pipe under the slab. The way it sits, it is at a 45 degree angle to where the access panel will be, although you can still get in there and unscrew the cap from the fitting if needed. Does the IRC require that cleanout fitting to be at 90 degrees to the wall (basically when you take the access panel off you would be looking right at it? Or can I leave it how it is. If needed I can take a picture of the situation if this does not make any sense.

    I want to figure this out before I frame around it as it will be easier to work on without the framing there if I need to...


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    The cleanout is angled in the direction one would normally run a snake or drain cleaning machine, which is the same at the direction of flow.

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    The cleanout's direction and location is where it is most convenient. The best direction is so the snake/cable makes a big "lazy U" going through the opening and into the main line under the floor.

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