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Thread: Shallow Well/Jet Pump

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    Default Shallow Well/Jet Pump


    Here is my dilemma and I am hoping you can help me. I have a jet pump in my basement with a shallow well approx. 8 feet from my basement wall. Recently my pump has been short cycling (every 6 min) along with this my sump hole has water in it. Now usually there is never any water in my sump pump hole except during the spring melt. I live in a very cold climate (Ontario Canada). I have checked all the usual suspects and have narrowed it down to a leak between the house and well. I would reason that is why there is water in my sump pump hole as it is very close to the water line. As this is the middle of winter and the ground is frozen solid it would be a very expensive job to dig this up. My question is can I use my circuit breaker and turn on and off the pump for the next 3 months or until the frost is out of the ground. I would turn the breaker off when I go to bed and when I am at work. Would this cause any harm to the pump or cause other problems? Your thoughts would be appreciated.



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    You'd most likely lose the prime in the pump if you shut off the breaker. You have to either replace the broken line, or find and repair the leak, then re-prime the system.


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