What would cause High Water Pressure Spiking at the house. I put a pressure gauge on the hose bib and its been on for three days now. The gauge has a needle that shows the highest water pressure reached, the first day the highest pressure was 65 psi the next day was 80 psi and today it reads 116 psi. as the highest pressure. The static pressure has remained at about 45 psi and the water pressure recovers to 42 psi with an open line in the house. There is no air in the lines.

The pressure control switch is a 30/50 psi for 5 pressure tanks and the static pressure reading on the gauge in the well house has varied, it was 48 psi then 53 psi and the highest I read was 57 psi. There is a 5HP Submersible Jacuzzi Pump in the ground. The last time the pressure tanks were inspected they wrote the psi on each tank 30, 25, 25,25,30. They are 86 gallon Proline bladder tanks.

Thank You For Any Explanation!!