Ladies and Gentlemen:

My well is 250' and recently showed high levels of Silica (43.3 ppm). It has left deposits on faucets and tile that cannot be removed. I understand a reverse osmosis system might be in order, but this is for my house and those systems are very expensive. The local drillers are moderately optimistic that drilling a new well will avoid the Silica. I am somewhat limited about how far away I can drill a new well, given the drainfield location. I can probably move about 50-75' from the current well. The drillers have offered to go down to the next strata at 450', but warn there may be other, new problems in going to that depth.

I am going to have the water tested again, but I am quite certain it is indeed Silica given the deposits on the tile and fixtures.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks in advance.