All...I'm replacing a 19 year old State brand Solar Water Heater that has served me well, but recently died, and replaced with an American Water Heater Brand Model SE62-80H-0455 Solar Storage Tank with a Single Electric Element. I've connected the Hot and Cold sides...for now, so at least I have a functional water heater with limited Hot Water supply. I'm purchasing replacement sensors, Taco Circulating Pump, and other items related to the Solar "Install" side of this installation, but have a few questions. Hope you can help.

1) The dielectric nipples shipped with this unit seem difficult to remove...prefer to replace with Brass Nipples. Am I not cranking hard enough to remove?

2) Once removing the "shipped with" dielectric nipples should I "Tape and Dope"?

3) The American Water Heater Manual is not clear enough...but my plan is to install the "Solar Panel In" line or return to the Top of the Tank mounted position marked "In From Panel". Also to install the "Outgoing" Cold Water to the Solar Panel from a Side "Low Mounted" option on this same tank.

Direction, corrections welcome.

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