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Thread: Commercial sink in residence

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    Default Commercial sink in residence

    Hello all,

    I live on a farm in NC with our own home dairy and produce. I wanted to make our kitchen more heavy duty, so we pulled all of the cabinets/residential hardware out and are installing commercial grade stuff.

    I bought a 3-compartment commercial stainless steel sink that I need to install (this is for residential use). The threaded inlets on the faucet, though, are 1/2" diam. and the holes in the back wall of the sink are 1-1/4".

    This faucet was recommended for this sink, so I am thinking there is some sort of adapter or spacer used to fill that gap around the inlet in the sink wall.

    Can you all help me with this? Is there an install kit I can buy to connect this faucet?

    We're out in the country, so help is hard to find.

    God bless,
    Monroe, NC

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    The faucets should have a "wide" flange around the inlet to cover the opening, if it is the correct faucet for the sink.


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