Does anyone have this installed? I read they are fairly new according to Ruud's website. The annual operational costs are $234, first hour rating on energy saver mode is 67 and normal is 72 with a 2.0 energy factor. 10 year limited tank and parts warranty. My local Rheem/Ruud reseller can install it for $2375.

For the non-heat pump water heater he has a good price on the Ruud Pacemaker PE2-52-2 with annual operational costs $514, first hour rating of 67, and 0.91 energy factor. 6 year limited tank and parts warranty. Installed by the same reseller for $825.

It's nearly 3 times the cost as a traditional water heater but the annual operational costs are half of what the regular water heater is.

What should I go with? ughhh