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Thread: Toilet Lid dimensions

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    Default Toilet Lid dimensions

    i am currently stationed in japan and will be transferring back to the US this month. i want to purchase a japanese style toliet lid which is known as a washlet but i want to make sure it will fit a US toilet where it mounts.

    my question is the mounting locations for the toilet lid a standard width on most toilets are are there some differences. if there are some differences then can someone give me the dimensions of the mounting holes for a US toilet. inches is fine, i can convert the numbers.

    anyhelp will be greatly appreciated.


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    The bidet seats (washlets) for the Japanese market don't work in the US.

    The electrical requirements and the the water connections are not compatible.
    They do export US versions that we sell here.

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    thanks for the information terry. i knew about the power differences and figured that the piping would be different due to the US using inches and everyone else using metric. anyhow, i never knew that they sold washlets in the US. one reason i was looking to buy here is because they are cheaper. if i was to pay $600 for one here it would come with an auto open lid.

    i am going to look into the ones that you linked to.



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