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Thread: New Upstair Bath: Vent Ques?

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    Default New Upstair Bath: Vent Ques?

    Hi Newbie here:

    Adding 5pc bath upstairs. Existing downstairs vent Stack (4" cast) runs upstairs in middle of new bath. Can I 90 degree the exsisting vent and bring it to back of house (new bath cantilevered off house two feet) and use for waste for new fixtures and run up a separate vent off of that?

    My architects plans for wet vent were approved by Town (but he didnt see the vent from downstairs and where it would arrive upstairs) and I have planned 6 inch wall on back of house.


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    Default vent

    You can offset that vent, but unless your town has adopted a very liberal code, you cannot use it for the drainage. If you do use it as a drain, you could create plumbing problems in the existing bath downstairs.

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    Default thanks..any ideas

    Thanks HJ. Any ideas of how best to do this and why they may have already approved the wet vent plans...after all that is what it is right?


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    I have no idea what your planners are looking at, in most parts of the US, stacked plumbing would use something like this.

    Vents would be vents, not tied together below the flood plans of the fixtures involved.
    New Orleans would be an example of a flood level.
    There are pipes that should be above the flood zone, and pipes that carry the flood.
    You don't really want to mix them up.
    If I were you, I would try to plumb it like a 1st world country.

    If you were in Belieze, I wouldn't expect it to be right.


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