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Thread: Basement floor redo

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    Default Basement floor redo

    My basement floor had a water seepage problem for a few years that is now corrected. I've attached some pics that show the floor condition with some of the vinyl tiles removes.
    The pics show (2) different adhesives (black/tan) remaining on the floor. Pics also show an erosion of the floor that occurred at the tile seams forming a "grid pattern". Some of the erosion is as much as 1/8" deep but most is about 1/32" deep or less.
    I would like to either put down new vinyl tiles or paint the floor.
    My questions are:
    1. What material do I use to level the eroded areas for either tiles or paint?
    2. I would like to leave the adhesive on the floor "as is". Can I tile over using new adhesive without any other floor prep?
    3. If I paint the the floor, what primer if any should be applied over the adhesive? (The paint job doesn't have to be perfect).

    I want to avoid going down the wrong path with this project.
    Thanks for your advice.
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