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Thread: Anti-siphon hose bib

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    Default Anti-siphon hose bib

    All my antisiphon hose bibs are leaking badly when water is turned on; water pours from the top where the green plastic cover is. I understand that there is possibly a leaky washer underneath, but I can't figure out how to get the plastic top off. (Hexagonal green plastic). Brute force, or is there a trick?

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    Pop that cap off, there is a rubber O-ring that is cracked. If the whole plastic part inside is cracked, then replace it with a rebuild kit. Most times it is a rubber O-ring that has cracked and split apart; a common situation with rubber products in plumbing. Produce a manufacture's name and I can probably find you a PDF explosion of your product so that you know how to take it apart. It is like a floating check valve that prevents the reversal of flow from the hose connected to the faucet, back into the potable water system.

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    Default the ones ,i,ve seen in Ca.

    are metal. sound,s better than plastic

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    I have found that many times it is just debris that can be clean out.


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