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Thread: I need to go from a CI Hub to a PVC drain...

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    Default I need to go from a CI Hub to a PVC drain...

    I think I need to reask for help on this one. This is a pic of the cast iron drain pipe for my bath tub. It is under a concrete slab. It originally had a 1.5 inch copper pipe coming of it that was inserted into the hub and attached with oakum and lead. The copper pipe had to be pulled out due to the rediculous angle it came out of the hub to attach to the offset drain and overflow of the previous tub. I am now installing a new tub and the new drain needs to come up and out of this hub at only a slight angle. What is the best way for me to do this.I would like to switch over to PVC if you folks think it is strong enough to sustain future jabbing by Roto Router. I feel like I need a little wiggle room when the pipe is in there and I don't seem to get that with the lead joint. I am also not comfortable melting lead. I looked at Fernco's Donuts but I don't think I could get the correct size in a timely manner. Has anyone used or reccomends Oatey's Pipe Seal? This seems like a viable option. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, I cannot cut it off dur to the fact that it is the upper part of a trap.

    Thank yall for your time..

    Here is a link to the Pic...

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    You could break a bit more concrete and replace the p-trap with a misson coupling.

    If the angle was bad before, it may mean that that trap was in the wrong location to start with.

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    WE can start with the fact that it was NOT done properly to begin with and that was not a proper way to join the copper and cast iron. We would have to be there, and maybe do the work to see how it could be connected.


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