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Thread: Water Hammer - Setting Storage Tank Pressure

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    Default Water Hammer - Setting Storage Tank Pressure

    I am trying to resolve a water hammer problem at my in-laws house. The hammer comes only when the pump shuts off and it sounds like a machine gun for a few seconds but quickly fades. The system is comprised of a 40-60 lb jet pump that feeds through a check valve then into to 20 gallon Wellxtrol storage tank that then feeds into the distribution. Unlike my own system, the pressure gauge and switch for this system are mounted on the pump, not on the storage tank. Iíve been able to isolate the problem to the storage tank and I suspect that there is not enough pressure in the bladder. What is the proper method for checking and setting the pressure for the storage tank? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Take the check valve out of line between the pump and tank. It definately should not be there.

    If you need a check valve after removing that one, it needs to go in the well if possible and if not possible, on the front of the pump only if it is a shallow well jet pump.



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