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Thread: sweating toilet tank

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    Default sweating toilet tank

    any suggest on how to stop a sweating toilet tank, other than messing with the humidity?? any way to cover it somehow??

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    Sweating is caused by a temperature differencial between the water in the tank vs. the air outside of the tank. Is this a recent problem? If it's a constant issue you could temper the water or get a toilet with an insulated tank.
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    The problem is not a temperature differential between the tank and air it is a humidity problem that is activated by the temp difference...if there was no humidity in the air there would be no sweating ....controlling the humidity is easier, a tank liner can help the humidity from causing a problem, but with so many different tank shapes it may be hard to find something...

    Often condensation will happen after taking a shower because the air is close to 100% humidity...but after the bathroom drys out (the humidity drops) the problem goes away...
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    I am assuming you have an old toilet, one that uses a full 3.5 gallon tank of water per flush which of course requires a complete refill of water with each flush. Most folks have found that a low flow toilet wish uses 1.6 gallons (even less on the newer ones) do not have a sweating problem. Here's why. The water in the tank is at or near room temperature. A low flow toilet by design uses only half of that water in the tank for a flush. Therefore only 1.6 gallons of new, cold water is required to refill the tank. This colder water mixes with the room temperature water that is still in the tank. This results in the water in the tank, while now somewhat below room temperature, is still warmer than it would be if the entire tanks had to be refilled.


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