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Thread: Fitting a drainage tube on an air gap (I cut it - is that wrong?)

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    Default Fitting a drainage tube on an air gap (I cut it - is that wrong?)

    We are trying to install an air gap, after having dirty water drain back in our dishwasher. The drain tube was really long and looped all over the "under sink" area. I thought it would be more efficient to shorten it, but the tube now won't fit on the skinny end of the air gap I bought. My husband is at Home Depot now searching for a new tube (and mad at me). I bought one to use to attach the fat end of the air gap to the dishwasher (7/8" drain tube). I just wanted to use the one that came with the dishwasher with the other end. My husband cut it when I said I wanted it shorter - which led to the problem on it not fitting anymore (too small). What did I do wrong? Is it okay to have all that extra tubing? Is there a way to fix it, aside from buying a new tube (that still has that little rubber dohicky on the end to attach it to the airgap)?

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