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Thread: New Basement Bath - Occupancy Sensors

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    Question New Basement Bath - Occupancy Sensors

    Working on new full bath in my basement. I'm planning to put general lighting on an occupancy sensor. I've also been thinking about the ventilation fan. I would like to run the vent fan of of a an occupancy sensor and humidistat in parallel. Logic is that the fan would come on when someone enters (fart fan) and then would shut off after it times out. The parallel humidistat would activate the fan when someone is showering or even if the humidity goes up for some reason when no one is in there. This would ensure the that the fan runs anytime it is needed, but doesn't get left on for long periods of time when it is not. No user intervention is necessary.

    Does anyone see a flaw in this plan either from a practical or code perspective.

    RAB offers an occupancy sensor that can be wired in parallel and basic humdistats are pretty simple devices, so a I assume it won't care about being in parallel.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Things to consider- make sure both the humidistat and occupancy sensor are the same branch circuit. make sure both can handle switching a motor load. make sure neither will be damaged by being "back driven"- i.e. one on and the other off.


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