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Thread: Toilet relocation

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    The wife and I are in the beginning stages of a bath remodel. One of my latest challenges is the toilet. If I uploaded pics properly, I'll attempt to explain what is being represented being new at this internet way of conversing.

    The attached drawing shows the old toilet on the north wall which is a double 2x4 studded plumbing wall. As seen in the pic there is ~ 2' of clearance with ample room to accomplish most of what I will be accomplishing....new toilet hook up, tie in of new vanity on west wall, old tub replaced with walk in shower and replacement of cast iron with PVC.

    My initial question has to do with new toilet and location. As shown in drawing, the new toilet is ~ 6' from the north wall. In order to tie in where the old closet bend is, I would have to notch the 2x10 floor joists that are 16" O.C. and run east and west. Since it's ~ 6' in distance, the joist closest to new toilet would be notched somewhat less that 1 1\2 ". I may or may not be fine with that even tho I don't feel it greatly hinders the structural integrity of the flooor joist, especially those few closet to where they will tie into the 4" drain.

    question....Since the north wall is where I am headed(the 4" inch drain exits out the east wall) what are my choices if the toilet needs vented given I'm close to the 6' distance in needing to vent the toilet separately.

    If it also helps, the north wall consists of 2 bathrooms back to back....2 tubs, 2 toilets, 2 little pocelain sinks....1960 vintage.

    Thanks for any and all assistance\comments and a very fine group of folks having read many threads.

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