I had Kinetico come out earlier this week to perform a water test and they provided me with a couple of quotes. I'm quite new to water softeners and the like, but trying to get my head wrapped around it at least enough to invest in a unit.

They quoted me a 1040S @ $1549, and a 2030S @ $2349 and a free MAC7500 under sink filter. That seems pretty steep to me.

I have a 3 full bath house, and I'll quote what I have on the water test below:
Well water
Hardness of 7 gpg
Iron of 0 gpg
Compensated Hardness of 7 gpg
PH of 6.9
TDS of 120ppm

My plumbing is 3/4" CPVC and drain is ~ 15' from where the softener would reside. (off subject, but with a septic, do you see a problem with regen draining to septic tank?)

Household is 7 people (wife and I and five kids), so we are constantly washing clothes and using water. We presently get our drinking water in 5gal bottles and use 14 per month. We are hoping that a new system will also give us great tasting water. Definitely adds to the ROI.

We are looking for a system that will be available 24/7, as with 5 kids you never know when one is taking a shower or using the bathroom, needing a middle-of-the-night hose off, etc.

If I have the numbers correct in Gary's calculator, I have the following:

Based on the information you entered,2940 is your Daily Grains of Capacity needed. 23520 is the Total Grains of Capacity you need for approximately once per week regeneration with a 24 hr reserve. 1.5 is the minimum cubic foot size of softener required for your capacity needs.

Now to SFR. It is quite possible that we might have two showers going, clothes washer and dishwasher all running at the same time. Our well provides us plenty of pressure presently, so I would like to minimize loss due to the system.

I'm quite certain there is more information needed to really be able to provide some help with my needs, so please ask and I will answer if I can.

Thanks in advance!

Matt Slaga