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Thread: Elect. W/H Looped To Geothermal

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    Default Elect. W/H Looped To Geothermal

    A good customer had a geothermal
    heat pump installed a couple years ago.
    I just noticed that they plumbed
    a loop to the electric water heater.
    They replaced the drain cock with a
    copper nipple when they looped in.
    Am I missing something,or isn't this
    setting up a situation for the early demise
    of the water heater?
    Looks like a brass nipple should have
    been used for this.

    Besides wanting to help out a good client,
    I just had the heater put in 3 years ago
    as part of a bath remodel I did for her
    and I'm not up for any problems for my
    warranty....especially since that plumber
    retired last year.

    Geothermal guys are coming out next week.
    They already told the customer, over the phone
    that this dis-similar metals thing is an old wives tale,
    so some sort of citation from a recognized
    source would be nice if I'm right about this.
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