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Thread: Replacement of a hot water iron pipe monoflow to pex or smaller copper

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    Default Replacement of a hot water iron pipe monoflow to pex or smaller copper

    I have a 1 1/2" cast iron monoflow heating system with 8 convector radiators running off of the loop. I am looking to refinish my basement and would like to get some extra headroom. My house is 24'x44'. I'm inquring about the possibility of switching out the cast iron with pex or copper.

    I'm thinking I could possibly move the monoflow loop to one wall running the length of the basement (while switching it over to copper or pex). This way all of the headroom loss is in one area that is not often used.

    If I go the copper loop, I'd then have monoflow tees running 1/2" copper going to the convectors and running parallel to the joists and inside a ceiling. I guess my first question would be, can I replace my 2" cast iron pipe with 1" or 3/4" copper monoflow system? The second question would be, is there are concern with having the radiators up to 24' from the loop?

    If I go the pex route, I just saw that there are now pex monoflow tee by a company name Raven Products (link below). I'm now thinking I could maybe just replicate the current system with pex (but putting it up in the floor joists. Has anyone every used this type of product.


    I'm really looking for suggestions or any other ideas; things I should stay away from, etc.

    Also I have another general question. Is it OK to use Pex for a hot water heating system @ 180 degrees?

    Thanks in advance.
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