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Thread: Carrier 58RAV Error 12 "blower on after start up"

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    Default Carrier 58RAV Error 12 "blower on after start up"

    I have a "blower on after startup (115v or 24v)" error 12 going on. Came home to 55 degrees with cold air blowing. When I shut down the power for 15 minutes and restart. The unit right away starts the blower and thats it! No attempt to ignite at all. The blower just blows colds air and does not stop. Any suggestions on this would be great. I just need a fishing pole. Thanks Rick

    UPDATE: Interesting. Blower ran 90 seconds. Then code 33 starting blinking. Then the glow stick lit and flames. But that only lasted 3 minutes as the flames went out and it blinked 33 again. But a minute or so later the glow stick started and flames. This went on maybe 5 minutes and then cycled all over again. I did change the filter. It was dirty but it has been worst before. It appears that I have heat. Never looked at the furnace in action before. I assume it never cycled back to heat hence the 58 degrees when i got home. Maybe and hopefully it was just the filter. Thanks so much for the replies.
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