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Greetings all. I am in the process of trying to finalize if I'm going to get a new tank, or go tankless, to replace an 18 year old Champion branded 40 gallon short-height (on an 18" pedestal) GAS hot water heater. So far, I'm leaning towards a new tank, and upgrading to a 50 gallon. I can fit a short height on the pedestal or a full height one without. This is for residential use. I'm located in Orlando, FL area, and my water heater is in my garage, and my house has been repiped with PEX. Current HWH is atmospheric vented through the roof (single story home)

I've confirmed with plumbers I don'tneed an expansion tank added based on my county water supply (do not have one currently for that matter). I've contacted a few plumbers thus far who carry Rheem, State, Rudd, and A.O. Smith. Based on research on the forum, of those 4 brands, it seems I should go with Rheem. I also see Bradford White is popular and I've found a local dealer for them (who has previously quoted me on a tankless).

So, to make sure I'm getting pricing quoted appropriately. I want to verify what model line of Rheem and Bradford White I should be focusing on, and any tips to decypher the model lines, as I'm having a hard time figuring that out based on the manuf. websites.
For me, if you read the manual and follow it, screens etc all will last a long time.