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Thread: Vortech Distributor

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    Quote Originally Posted by zientm View Post
    As far as I know, the BBB does not require membership to log and publish complaints against the company.
    I said the company must join the BBB, and pay a fee to belong. I did not say anything about a consumer voicing a complaint.

    Quote Originally Posted by zientm View Post
    All include the same size tank, top dome hole, and bypass valve. None of them state that they include drain line, and I would probably plumb it in PVC anyway so I can control the slope of the drain better.
    That's why I include 50' of drain line, IMO I'm a better choice than the other dealers but....

    What do you know about installing an AN filter? You should use regular water treatment equipment drain line so you do not reduce flow which is already flow controlled and any reduction will cause the filter to fail. And why would not be able to slope a piece of regular drain line? Frankly it usually is easier than PVC because you run it all in one piece with no fittings in the run.

    Quote Originally Posted by zientm View Post
    None of the sites specify which version of the Clack WS-1 valve. Your site does not specify that (or the fact that you include drain line and wrench). You may want to add that to your site if that is the case. The company selling it with the Vortech distributor uses the EE version of the valve, which gives you complete flexibility of the times, which, in my estimation, is better than the CS version.
    Well some do mention what version of the Clack and as soon as I can I will be changing my site and I probably will include my 'extras' that I have been including since 2002. And as I have told you, the CS version allows setting the length of time of the cycle positions also. And if it were not for me and my posts, you wouldn't know to look at the Clack control valve but... do you really think you are going to know enough about setting up a control valve for an AN filter to be able to set those times correctly?
    I don't think so.

    You should be leaning on the dealer and he should be telling you how to program the valve and you should leave it alone. Problem is that most of my competition with the Clack do not tell their prospective customer how to size or, their customer how to program the valve. That includes softeners also. They also don't include the 3-7 pages of very detailed assembly, set up, programming and installation instructions that I do. IOWs, you get much more if you buy from me. I doubt that any of my customers are contacting my competition for info on how to do things with the equipment they bought from me; but I hear from their customers fairly frequently.
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    CAUTION, as of Nov 12 2013 all YouTube videos showing how to rebuild a Clack valve have an error in them that can cause damage.

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    I just wanted to thank everyone for the information they provided. It was a very enlightening exchange.


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