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Thread: Leak under bathroom sink

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    Default Leak under bathroom sink

    I had to replace a bathroom faucet. Got it all screwed down. Replaced the SS supply lines. There was a leak at the valve. I tightened the compression nut around the valve stem. Still leaked.

    I grabbed the whole valve and tightened it. Still leaked. This time, even more.

    Dad suggested I shut the water off, remove the valve, tape it and put it back in. So I grabbed the valve and twisted. The screw-on (female) that comes out of the wall twisted. Kept goign figuring I'd need to re-tape and dope that piece and put it back into the wall. Kept unscrewing. Kept unscrewing. It's not coming out.

    Now I've got a part that's probably going to leak (or pour) inside the wall. I've got a valve that's leaking on my wooden paneling. And a house with no working bathrooms because I had to shut the cold water off.

    If I HAVE to, I can get to the plumbing in the bathroom through the kitchen wall behind it. It's all behind the stove and fridge. But I'd REALLY rather not do that. And getting through the bathroom wall to get to the plumbing isn't an option because of the wood paneling that's up.

    Any suggestions, here? Got no problem doing it myself but I need to get it done.


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    Default valve

    You are doing it WRONG. You hold the valve with one wrench, and then tighten that nut TO IT with another one. Just be sure you turn the nut the right way or you will unscrew it and have a flood.


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